Pyrokinesis is an incredible power for anybody to wield. For those unfamiliar with the ability, the best way to understand it is to define it. what is pyrokinesisThe pyrokinesis definition is: the ability to manipulate fire. This definition says a lot but not everything. It is a good place to start although more is needed to answer the question; what is pyrokinesis? What is the extent the power can be used and where is it limited?

Fire is something very powerful. It is something that can destroy life but it can also bring about new beginnings. Fire holds the capacity to burn everything to the ground. But it can also a clear way for new life. Understanding fire is a pivotal step in truly answering the question of what is pyrokinesis. Everyone knows what fire is though or at least understand it to some capacity. Because of this, we’ll move forward with comprehending pyrokinesis.

Limitations of pyrokinesis

Before looking at the good aspects of something it is important to look at the bad. Obviously, pyrokinesis has a lot of capabilities. That’s out of the questions. But where are the abilities shortfalls? Knowing the faults of power is important in order to understand where everything can go wrong. Not learning the limits of such a powerful thing is dangerous. It can lead to death and serious injury. Everyone knows fire isn’t a toy, it’s not something to play around with. It is something that can hurt people, damage property and destroy lives.

It’s for this reason pyrokinesis’ biggest limitation is its true power. Obviously, this isn’t a limitation for those using the ability for good though. But as a whole, it is a limit to the ability. For someone to have the power to burn down entire towns is something not to be played with. This limit isn’t really an issue though but a warning. Once the question what is pyrokinesis? has been answered and you potentially opt to learn the ability to be careful. Be careful of the power you hold. Ensure water is nearby when the ability is being used. Prepare for the worst. But most importantly, never use the ability in spite.

The next limitation of this power is the range in which it can be used. The range the ability can be used does change though. As a user gains experience the extent to which they can use the ability grows. Therefore there is no set range as a limit. However, a basic guideline for even the most advanced user is eyesight. Objects that aren’t visible by the common can’t be affected with pyrokinesis. Another limit with this power is fire generation. This is another limit that correlates with experience. A veteran user may be able to generate fire from nothing. Solely out of the use of moving particles. However, a new user will struggle greatly with this. They will though be able to manipulate fire with far more ease. This is because particle movement doesn’t play as big of a part when manipulating a preexisting flame.


One more limit is the number of times pyrokinesis can be used in an area of time. This once again all comes down to the users experience. At first, pyrokinesis is almost like a form of exercise. It tires out the body and can make you extremely exhausted. This effect is amplified as the ability is used more in one sitting. However just like when you exercise when you start to use pyrokinesis you grow. The more you do it with consistency the more you can do. With time then this exhaustion lowers especially when doing small tasks with pyrokinesis. It becomes almost second nature.

Capabilities of Pyrokinesis


Moving forward, to better answer the question what is pyrokinesis? it’s good to see its capabilities. Sure you already know that it can be used as a means of manipulating fire but that doesn’t explain what it can truly do. There is a lot more to the ability then just having the power to burn things. This power makes everyday life so much easier. It is so much more then just a power that lets you burn. One of the first and biggest benefits of pyrokinesis is what it brings to cooking. Just think back to all the times you have suffered at the hand of hunger or cooking a meal. All the times the oven or microwave was teasing you. Making you wait so long just to get rid of the hunger sensation that is attacking your stomach.


With pyrokinesis, this isn’t an issue. If you need to heat up some leftovers from last night it isn’t a problem. It can literally be done from the palm of your hand. Simply focus and use the ability and watch as your meal is ready in no time at all. What about all the times you’ve sat by the stove just waiting for water to boil. You feel as though if more heat was applied the time it takes to boil would drop exponentially. But in the past, there has been no way to do this. The stove is turned to the highest setting and you are left to wait. No longer is this a problem though with pyrokinesis. An already lit flame on a pot is simple to manipulate. Because of this, the temperature can be increased. This then allows the water to boil faster.

This increased speed in boiling water applies elsewhere too. Think to a time you’ve been in a rush and wanted a coffee. No time to wait until the jug heats up. This issue also disappears when you learn pyrokinesis. Simply fill a mug with hot water and hop in the car. You can then use your powers to heat it up as you walk in and enjoy your hot coffee without the time lost in preparing it. Heat is such a big aspect of cooking food and that’s why this list of capabilities in this area could go on and on. That information alone on pyrokinesis’ benefits in the food industry should help a lot by answering what is pyrokinesis?

However, we’re not done there. Pyrokinesis offers far more than just advanced cooking. Think of the showmanship of being able to click and light the candles on a cake. It almost seems like a magic trick but you know what it truly is. Let’s also look at where pyrokinesis can be used in the jewelry industry. This isn’t commonly brought up when discussing pyrokinesis but it’s a massive benefit. Think about all the metal around you-you have at your disposal. When extreme heat is applied to metal what happens? It melts. Once the metal has become melting as most would know it then become malleable.

This newfound quality of the metal can then be utilized in order to craft jewelry at will. Once the metal is heated you can shape it how you see fit. Obviously, some form of protective equipment will be needed when molding the metal though. However, if pyrokinesis is combined with the ability telekinesis this equipment is no longer a necessity and thus the process becomes all the more simple. You can create and disburse exceptional jewelry creations. They can be both sold and prove and unique gifts to loved ones that are truly gifts that come straight from the heart.

The last everyday benefit of pyrokinesis relates to the ability itself. How many of you reading this own a lighter or pack of matches? Fire is something that has become a pivotal part of all human life. It is used in so many aspects of our existence that it is hard to truly conceive. But think of the camping trips you’ve been on or all the times you’ve needed to light a fire. Pyrokinesis makes these fire starting tools irrelevant. Why worry about carrying such tools when a fire can be started from the palm of your hand. This ease of use is what makes pyrokinesis such a powerful ability.

Pyrokinesis with Thermokinesis

For those that don’t know thermokinesis is the ability to manipulate temperature. This probably sounds familiar especially considering we’re discussing the question of what is pyrokinesis? Well, it is true these two abilities to correlate with one another. It’s for this reason that these two abilities are perfect to learn together. They intertwine with one another in so many ways and it makes the use of both abilities so much easier when they have both been learned.

It also expands the range of capabilities and lowers the number of limitations in both abilities. With pyrokinesis, you already learn particle manipulation in order to produce flame so thermokinesis isn’t a big jump. It is simply altering the speed to a lesser extent to simply produce warmth. This can be beneficial as well in everyday life as it allows you to do things like heat water without the need of fire. It also provides further benefits. For those who live in cold areas think of all the times you’ve been shivering in bed in winter.

But you don’t want to turn the heater on due to the extreme costs involved in doing so. Well with these abilities you can simply heat the bed and the room to the temperature you desire. Then falling asleep blissfully becomes an easy task. This aspect alone makes the abilities all the better and it eliminates the need for heating entirely.


Overall it is clear that an understanding of what is pyrokinesis has been established. We’ve gone through all the aspects of the ability and what it offers as a power. Pyrokinesis is something that isn’t a toy. It’s not to be reckoned with but it provides so much more comfortable in everyday life when used effectively.


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