Pyrokinesis technique

Pyrokinesis Techniques


Before even beginning to learn pyrokinesis it is good to become familiar with some of the techniques used with the ability. Though you wont know how to use these techniques, they do provide a learning guide. With time and practice this list of techniques can be looked back upon. The pyrokinesis techniques listed are some of the cornerstone uses of the ability. They are what allow more complex uses of this power to become achievable. Just like with card magic tricks or another craft, the building blocks you learn at the beginning of the learning process can be customized and built on. These pyrokinesis techniques are in no particular order. They aren’t ordered by difficulty nor as an exact list to follow.

Instead they can be treated as a to do list. A list of items that can slowly but surely be achieved with practice and hard work. Another thing to mention before getting into the list is these aren’t all the pyrokinesis techniques in existence. pyrokinesis techniquesThese are just some notable ones we thought a great building blocks to moving forward with this ability. However once you’ve mastered the ability and can do each of these techniques with ease feel free to research further and find more techniques that weren’t mentioned in this list. The more techniques you master the better your overall experience with pyrokinesis will be. As discussed in the article of what pyrokinesis is, pyrokinesis can offer a wide range of benefits in daily life. To enact these though the ability must be learned to its fullest extent.

Pyrokinesis Technique #1 Fireball

The fireball is one of the first things you think about when you think about this ability. It is one of those iconic aspects of pyrokinesis that you just can’t go past. As you learn to create fire from nothing this should be one of your first focuses. For those unfamiliar with this pyrokinesis technique, the fireball is quite self-explanatory. It is the act of creating a ball of flame from the palm of the hand. What can be done with this fireball is then the users choice. Obviously, it takes a lot of energy to maintain it at the palm as there is no fuel for the fire. It is simply being powered by the user. This makes simply holding the ball very difficult.

The ball could then be pushed from the palm at an object. This can then cause said object to catch alight and begin to burn. However, this action takes even more experience to pull off. The fireball is something that can be created once you learn to create fire from nothing which is shortly after you learn to manipulate pre-existing flames. Alternatively, though a fireball could be created after you learn the act of fueling a fire. Once you can fuel a fire and also maintain a pre-created fire at the base of the palm you can then grow it into a fireball.

Pyrokinesis Technique #2 Snuffing a Flame

This is another one of those cornerstones uses of pyrokinesis. Though it isn’t as extravagant as the previously discussed fireball it is still a very important pyrokinesis technique. The technique can be expanded upon and grown to far greater lengths and lead to much larger uses. For those unfamiliar, snuffing a flame is simply the act of smothering a flame until it goes out. When you learn pyrokinesis this is one of the earliest things that is learned. Although this technique is very simple, as stated it can be expanded upon. Obviously putting out a match with no physical intervention is a significant and amazing thing. But it can get bigger.

Everyone knows fires can be as big as the fuel available to them. Thus someone who has mastered this technique and perfected it can put out said fires to their extent of the practice. A true master of pyrokinesis could have the ability to smother something as large as a bush fire. Obviously, this is something extraordinary and something to be marveled at as it can save lives. It is for this reason that this is one of the most important pyrokinesis techniques that can be learned.