Is Pyrokinesis Real

Is Pyrokinesis Real?

Overview of the Question

When looking into any ability many people look at it with skepticism. This is due to the simple fact that these abilities seem impossible. There are dozens of kinetic abilities just like pyrokinesis are they all show incredible feats. You can view a whole list of them on the website learn powers in great detail. It is because of these extraordinary capabilities that it’s hard to believe these abilities could be real. Pyrokinesis is no different. It is an extremely powerful ability that allows users to master flame. Fire is such a powerful thing. It is what prepares us food, it’s what kept us warm in the past and it holds the ability to burn everything to the ground. These capabilities are what make people ask, is pyrokinesis real?is pyrokinesis real

It truly is hard to believe that someone could learn such a power. That we all could be born with this subconsciously forgotten ability. Some may even answer a no to the question is pyrokinesis possible? Just because they failed in learning the ability. Because they spent a week attempting to perform the power and couldn’t they deny its existence. However what people like this don’t realize is learning this ability can be a grind. It is not an easy task. Weeks of consistent practice are required to see even the smallest results.

This is all under the assumption that this power is real though. To truly discover if these people are correct in answering is pyrokinesis real we must search deeper. Evidence is needed prove or disprove the abilities existence. Assumptions cannot be made either in favor of or against this abilities existence.

So is Pyrokinesis Real? Looking at Evidence

The best way to prove or disprove the existence of anything is to analyze the evidence on the topic. Obviously there are more factors outside of the preexisting evidence however this is a good place to start. When you google pyrokinesis and go to videos you’ll see two things. Videos of people discussing the ability or videos of people claiming to be using there pyrokinetic powers. Obviously we’re interested in the latter. Whats also clear is that a lot of these videos are going to be fakes. However after some thorough research some videos were found with little evidence disproving use of pyrokinesis being shown.

Whilst research there were a lot of fake videos though. Videos that clearly displayed either editing tricks or use of tools outside of just the body. The high amount of clearly fake displays of this ability don’t disprove its existence though. All it shows is that there is a high volume of interest in pyrokinesis that some people wanted to try to capitalize on. These videos didn’t stop us getting to the bottom of it all though. So without further ado, lets look at the videos that provide a strong case to answering yes to is pyrokinesis real.

Pyrokinesis Proof #1

This video was uploaded by the youtuber Benedikt Maurer in early 2015. Although the video is approaching 3 years in age, it is still relevant to this discussion. This video depicts a person supposedly manipulating the flickering flame of a candle. Though some of the movements of the flame are minimal it’s clear something is going on. The video shows cuts of footage where this person attempts to alter the flames movement. After careful analysis of the video little evidence of any shenanigans could be found.

It seems as though this individual is just starting out learning pyrokinesis. That is why only small movements of the flame occur. However some of the movements in the video are clearly just coincidental. This portion of clips can clearly be identified when the flames movement isn’t in sync with hand gestures. However it is clear that there is slight use of pyrokinesis at play in video. There are parts of the video that undeniably show proof of this abilities existence. Maybe even enough proof for some critics to answer yes to is pyrokinesis real.

More proof must be found though in order to come to a clear conclusion. Lets move on to the second video found that supports the claim for pyrokinesis’ existence.

Pyrokinesis Proof #2

(video no longer available)

The second video found was uploaded by the YouTuber known as Infinite Pictures Official in mid-2015. The video depicts a man manipulating the flame on a candle once again. However, in this video, the movements of the flame are a lot clearer. It is obvious that this individual has far more experience with pyrokinesis. Subsequently, he is able to do more with a small fire. The man shows even more aspects of pyrokinesis to. He causes the flame to flicker and then stop with minor hand movements.

This video also has fewer cuts. Although this may seem minor it is actually very important. The fact the majority was recorded in one sitting shows the ease in which the ability can be used. It is clear that this individual is weeks or months into training to have such capabilities. No evidence could be found denying these abilities credibility. After analyzing the background it is clear no outside objects are being used. The swift movements of the flame also add to the video’s legitimacy. This is because of one reason. The quicker the transitions of the flame are the less likely it is due to coincidence.

Another thing that adds credibility to the video is the relation of hand movements to flame movements. The flame and hands are in sync. This just further reduces the likelihood of it being a coincidence. Overall it is clear that this video shows an individual performing pyrokinesis. The evidence supporting this outweighs the evidence rejecting it by quite a lot. Evidently, it is more likely that this is a true display of pyrokinesis then coincidental hand to flame movements.

Pyrokinesis Proof #3


To reach a final conclusion for the question is pyrokinesis real? we’ll look at one more piece of evidence. This video was uploaded in 2014 by the youtube ManoTk Spychokinesie. This video does have some suspicious aspects though. However, these primarily stem from the wearing of a mask. Because the individual is wearing a face mask it decreases the video’s credibility for one reason. The person could be blowing the flame to make it move. It is impossible to tell if the man is or isn’t doing this though. However, it clearly reduces the legitimacy of the video.

Ignoring this one issue with the video though let’s look at what it depicts. The video shows this man using another feature of pyrokinesis that is snuffing a flame. Everyone knows a fire can be covered and thus put out. This concept can be applied in pyrokinesis. A flame can be smothered and condensed until it is reduced to nothing. This feature is shown at the beginning of the video when the math is put out. Following this, the man then performs some basic movements of the flame.

This third piece of evidence is interesting but it doesn’t give us a finite conclusion. The mask leaves to many questions. It is an interesting video to look at though even if it is a fake. It shows some basic uses of pyrokinesis.



Sure it is hard to reach a conclusion after looking at just three pieces of evidence though it must be done. To start we asked the question is pyrokinesis real? After careful analysis, an answer can be given. Though more research could be done to further support or refute the conclusion reached. However, from the three videos looked at it can be said that pyrokinesis is real. It is a power that can be learned. If you’re interested in this power you can read more about it here.

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