Pyrokinesis techniques for beginners

Pyrokinesis Training Techniques for Beginners

Pyrokinesis can be a daunting ability to learn. It is an incredible power to wield. It grants users of it the power to burn anything. But pyrokinesis is a lot more then just an intimidating power that can destroy lives. It brings about a wide range of benefits. That’s why is is such a significant achievement to learn pyrokinesis. Even as a beginner with little to no experience some basic pyrokinesis training can be done to get yourself prepared to expand into learning the ability completely.

Safety Precautions


Obviously though as a beginner there are some important things to know before trying to learn this ability. First and foremost is the dangers associated with it.

Fire is not a toy. Just because you have the power to manipulate it, it doesn’t mean you’re immune to fire. This is actually a big misunderstanding with this ability.

Many people with little experience in this power tend to think it makes them flame retardant. This is definitely not the cause though. Just because you have the ability to create and manipulate flame it doesn’t mean the same flame can’t cause burns.

This is pivotal to know before engaging in pyrokinesis training. In order to prevent injuries such as burns safety precautions should be put into practice.

First of all, water should be kept close by. No just a little bit of water to, a whole bucket. You are not the only person that can feel the burn of fire.

pyrokinesis training

Fire spreads fast and can easily get out of control. It is for this reason water should be kept by. Just as a precaution in cause control is lost. That way fire can easily be put out and there isn’t an issue with potential spreading.

The next safety precaution is to do with clothing. As stated control can be lost especially when just starting out pyrokinesis training as a beginner. One second you could be moving the flame on a candle and the next second the flame could grow suddenly. It is for this reason that fire retardant clothing should be worn. Long sleeve shirts are a must to prevent burns to the lower arms. Additionally the clothing worn shouldn’t be able to catch fire even when strong heat is applied. If you are truly interested in trying out some pyrokinesis training techniques this should be one of the first things researched.

These are just some of the many precautionary actions that can be put in place to prevent injury. Obviously, there are more though.

We will now move on to some techniques. It is advised though that you do your due diligence in fire preventing before starting the training. That way you are well informed and able to stop the pain that could be caused to yourself and the community.

Pyrokinesis Training Techniques

Pyrokinesis training technique


The first technique we will discuss is done to with frame of mind. This may seem like a throwaway training exercise but it truly isn’t. Ignoring this can lead to all the other pyrokinesis training on your path to learning the ability meaningless. This exercise may seem basic but it sets up the pillars of success in learning this power. In order to get into the correct mindset, one must be completely relaxed. This relaxation then allows you to get into a mindset to focus on the task at hand.

In order to become relaxed and focus the easiest thing to do is meditation. If you’ve ever tried learning a kinetic power before you’ll know about the importance of meditation. If you already have a working routine you can use that. For those new, to it through meditation is simply about relieving stress and focusing the mind.

To start simply sit in a quiet location and clear your mind. Do not think about anything outside of fire. Take slow and deep breathes until it becomes a subconscious act. From this point, you can now start the next technique.

Pyrokinesis training technique


Kinetic powers are things we all have the capacity to perform deep down inside. It requires intense concentration though in order to achieve results. We are born without the recollection of how to enact abilities but this can be discovered. So now in a state of meditation, you can move forward. Start to picture your hands in front of you and particles slowly moving around them.

Obviously, you can’t see these particles in real life but imagine them at a comprehensible size. From this point now imagine the particles accelerating at an exception rate.

pyrokinesis trainingWatch them increase in speed until they become a blur. Now let this blur turn into fire. Watch the flames rise out of the palm of your hand. Now picture the flames moving to the will of your mind. Focus intently on the fire.

Imagine the intense heat coming from it. But there is a thin layer of decelerated particles between your hand and the fire to prevent burns. As you focus now pick a direction and let the flame move as such.

Keep on doing this in your mind until it becomes second nature.

Let yourself become a part of the flame and let it move with ease. Slowly reduce your enhanced focus on the flame whilst still bending it to your will. Watch as bending the flame becomes a simple task. As it becomes something that doesn’t even require thought to accomplish.

These two techniques are just starters in learning pyrokinesis. A lot more time and effort is needed along with practical practice in order to master the ability.

These techniques are great stepping stones in starting the process of learning. You can take the knowledge of these techniques further with you in your learning.

If you start practicing these techniques regularly on a day by day basis you will definitely start to feel some control over the flame in reality.

The main purpose of these techniques is to ready yourself for advanced teaching. After some weeks of consistent practice or whenever you feel capable you can move forward.

If you want to learn more about pyrokinesis you’ll definitely enjoy our ebook on how to learn pyrokinesis. In the ebook, we go over some more intense training techniques.